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One of the first things that goes up after we’ve moved in to a new house, is the flag of England. It often gives the neighbors pause.  Of course everyone thinks My Beloved Brit’s only flag is the flag of the UK…the union jack.

But if you’ve ever watched an English football match (soccer to us yanks) you know that this red cross on white background flies proudly in the hearts of Englishmen.

Now, for fair play, I put my American flag up any excuse I get and we fly both proudly in their own special place.  It is sort of like our marriage…different cultures but very compatible. Notice how the colors of the two flags coordinate.


When I struggled with creating a logo for accentBritain, I did some research on British flags before I did the oil painting interpretation you see at the top of this blog. I did several small oil sketches working out the layout, and finally worked from the variation that seemed to have the most energy.


As I worked on my flag research, I came across some fascinating facts.

This is a fun easy way to understand the two British flags from youtube: England and the UK explained.

And if you really want to get in to the whole British Empire thing, this is one of the most fun presentations I’ve found to try and make it all clear: The difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England explained