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I should have seen a pattern developing here. I was going through My Beloved Britt’s old photos again and found this adorable snap of him as a baby.  He probably could barely walk, but he is already behind the wheel of a car.

Not only does the man adore sailing, but MBB’s love continues for anything with a motor in it. Obviously from this photo and the expression on his face, this love of power and speed started when he was very young indeed.

My Beloved Brit's current automotive project

I think this particular interest in cars comes partially from one of his earliest jobs at Ford Motor Company in Dagenham, England. He was a maintenance and repair novice on the big equipment in the plant, but I think being around all those new cars rubbed off on him.

Last year, they came out with a tremendous movie “Made in Dagenham“, starring Sally Hawkins and Bob Hoskins, that we saw together. It is about the beginning of the women’s equal pay for equal work movement that spread throughout the world. MBB said the movie was spot on, a very true picture of what it was like in the early factory days of his youth at Ford’s.

If you get a chance, watch the movie.