As you can tell by now, food is a hot topic in our household, and nowhere does the cultural differences between the two of us show up more than in the conflicting choices of those favorite dining details that we grew up with.

Two acceptable varieties of English mint condiment

Case in point is Mint Sauce vs. Mint Jelly.

Now, I grew up on the transparent, sweet, minty jelly that was the color of fresh mown spring grass.  It would actually twinkle when the sun hit a bowl of it at just the right angle. I loved it. It glistened. MBB thought it was disgusting.

My Beloved Brit was of course raised on lamb in all its fine variations (so very British), and the condiment of choice for this main meal was Mint Sauce.  It is the color and texture of seaweed left up on the beach for at least a fortnight, and has more of a tang to the taste than the American accompaniment.  Of course he is also apt to add just a splash more malt vinegar to give it that extra kick.

The amazing thing is, I have actually gotten used to this very British taste, and now prefer it with my Sunday roast.  Is it that my palate is growing more sophisticated and appreciating the finer things in life as he suggests, or am I once again blending in to his world seamlessly?

That, my readers, will be an ongoing discussion.