I had a long drive north this past week, and had lots of time to think of all those things that I am truly thankful for. On this particularly American holiday, it is wonderful to look at the past year and realize that it is an amazing life. My Beloved Brit has learned to share and love the holiday also, although I have a feeling it may have a lot to do with the huge feast and gathering of friends that most attracts him to this tradition. He always loves a party with food involved. But back to being thankful (you notice how these posts often sway over to the food category).

1. I love being an artist.  For years I was a graphic designer, and as much as I loved running my own studio and doing some incredible projects, there is just nothing like painting for myself (see www.patwhitehead.com) and doing whatever I feel like.  I am so lucky to have two wonderful galleries that accept my work open heartedly.

My studio over the garage. What an absolute joy to have a room devoted totally to my art.

My solo show "Transitions" at Gallery 50 a few years ago

My solo show "Encounters" this past year at USC

The USC show again.

2. Family.  Throughout my life, through ups and downs, my family has always been there for me.  And I am talking about brothers and sisters who have very busy lives of their own.  They were always willing to share their lives with me, and sometimes even their children to an “auntie” who loves kids but never had any of her own. I love all my nieces and nephews, now on both sides of the pond.  How lucky can you get.

My nephews spending part of their summer with us when we lived in the Caribbean.

This year we all got together on the outer banks of North Carolina for this same nephew's wedding (he's a lot older now). There were many long walks on the beach to catch up with news.

3. Friends. And each year there are more of them, thank goodness.  I love them in their diversity and their joy. I hear people say all the time it is harder to make friends as you get older. This may be true, but somehow I keep adding an additional one or two to the collection of old friends whom I truly cherish. And what is even more amazing now, with MBB’s friends added to the mix, we have friends everywhere in the world.

Last Christmas with BFF Donna (on the right) and Yoko (on the floor) on the west coast in California.

4. My Beloved Brit. Most of all I am thankful for him. I am constantly amazed how we found each other at a point in our lives when we were both happy living on our own, happily surrounded by friends and family and content with our interests (mostly art for me and sailing for him, but you know that).

We both had great lives when we met, but I must admit, it has just gotten better with him to share it with.  I love the melding of our two worlds…the Yank and the Brit. His humor amazes me.

Me and MBB a couple of Thanksgiving's ago, celebrating in the California dessert with friends. We did a huge turkey on an outdoor grill.

Just this week he went over to the house we have under contract that we have literally been trying to sell off and on for 3 years.  As usual he had been flying the flag of England at the front door.  But this week he took it down and put up the American flag since “…he was returning the property to the colonials.” You’ve got to love that man.






Happy Thanksgiving to all, no matter where in the world you are.