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There is a wonderful blog that I have been meaning to pass on to you, called The Anglophile that is created by Thomas Moore Sr.

I follow it every day, schedule permitting, and am amazed by the coverage he gives to all the gorgeous places and enticing events of London. I don’t know how he manages the time and resources, but, if you love London as I do, this site is one of the absolute best.

The Anglophile is a spin off from his private apartment leasing service in London for the holiday or business traveler called The London Connection.

So, scattered among the rich photos and discoveries of London life on The Anglophile, are images and descriptions of some of the most inviting flats for rent in London that I have ever seen. I personally have not used his service yet since I had not discovered it before our last trip to England. But since the discovery, I have been putting the idea into My Beloved Brit’s brain that an actual flat in London would be a real treat on our next trip…not that we don’t love visiting family.  I’ll keep you posted.