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In my life, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t have a “studio”.  It may have been a box of art supplies that moved around a tiny dorm room or apartment – wherever I could find a corner to work – but it was still a studio nonetheless.

a corner of a very small guest bedroom/den/office/studio

Doesn’t really matter where it was, as long as I could paint. Notice that the furniture is covered with sheets in the photo below.  I wasn’t always very neat.  But I also often had a vase of flowers nearby.  Just for the mood.

corner of the dining room

I often went out to my screened porch to paint. Lovely. This was one of my favorite places to paint…


…sometimes, even in the snow.  There is something about working on a summer beach scene with snow on the ground outside.  Art can transport you anywhere, and any season.












This was another one of my favorite painting spots…a third floor room that was away from everything.  It was a converted attic that was perfect for painting. I loved looking down on the world from this space, the true artist’s garret. Now if it had only been in Paris.

The attic studio.  I loved looking down from the window.

When we moved to the caribbean, it was often hard to find space, but I managed.  If I didn’t use a corner of the dining room area, I would take over the guest bedroom.

Ready for visitors...a guest bedroom in the caribbean.

It converted quite easily, and the sea breezes were great when they weren’t blowing my canvas over.

Bed one day, workspace the next

any spare corner will do

The only problem was moving everything when guests would arrive. But that was an easy solution. A small price to pay for having great space.

Finally back in the states, I had a room all my own, and the work started in earnest.  I was now a full time painter and the space reflected that.  Age has its advantages.

The clutter of many ideas

I loved being able to put things that sparked my creativity everywhere in the room. What a luxury.  This was very special space, and it looked out over a perfect garden.

My current studio is the the best ever, although I tend to say that about each new space. But this one is very special. It was even designed as an art studio, and the north light floods the room.  I spend most of my days in this creative space without any regret.

all materials at hand

and the perfect natural light


















It really doesn’t matter where I work.  Once I start painting, I get lost in the creation process anyway, and most of the time I am totally unaware of my surroundings.  I call it going in to the zone, and from what I gather most artist’s experience it.  There is a moment when you lose yourself totally in the work and the world disappears.

But this studio is sure nice to return to when I put the brush down.