February 6th marks 60 years to the day since Queen Elizabeth II ascended Britain’s throne.  The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations start this weekend and continue for 5 months.

There is a wonderful display of photos courtesy of The National Post. Click here to view the entire sequence.

A portrait of the Queen on her Coronation Day 1953 by Sir Terence Cuneo. Photo from The National Post article.

There is also a fun article “60 Things You Might Not Know About The Queen” in the Times Colonist which includes:

“Her coronation in 1953 was the first to be televised. An estimated 20 million people in Britain tuned in, while 100 million in North America reportedly watched the recorded ceremony.”

“Two years ago, Forbes magazine estimated her net worth at $450 million US.”

 “Her mother was initially against Elizabeth’s marriage to Philip, and reportedly referred to him as ‘The Hun.’ “

“The Queen and Prince Philip share the same great-great-grandmother: Queen Victoria.”

My Beloved Brit has just tried to book me a room in London for the weekend of June 2nd so I can participate in the highlights of the celebration while he is off sailing with his mates.  I do love that man! Keep your fingers crossed that London is not totally booked up already.