It’s Easter.  And you know what that means…

The English sailing season officially begins!  There are intense calls on skype back and forth across the Atlantic discussing the pros and cons of the different races for the season…who has what boat…who might need a new set of sails…which crews are organizing for which races.

In honor of the beginning of the season, a photo of the "mates" from years gone by. Photo courtesy of My Beloved Brit















And then there is the webcam down at the marina on the Crouch River at My Beloved Brit’s favorite racing spot. Each morning he can tune in to it and check the weather.  I have been hearing for weeks about boats being worked on, readied for the season.

He won’t make it over until May to join his mates, but I know he is feeling the excitement.  If it would only get a little warmer, it would all be perfect.