The Diamond Jubilee celebration is just beginning and the events are becoming more and more spectacular and creative leading up to the first week in June.

Gloiana ready for the jubilee

The Queen’s 94ft royal barge Gloriana that will lead the Thames Diamond Jubilee Flotilla was lowered in to the Thames on Thursday.

And now Face Britain has projected a huge composite portrait of the Queen on Buckingham Palace.

Projected images of the Queen, made up of over 20,000 self-portraits by children, is covering Buckingham Palace for three days this week.










The Prince’s Foundation for Children & The Arts’ original project goal was to give every child the chance to create their own self portrait. By bringing them together, it could create a snapshot of the 2012 generation.

“We began talking to the TV programme, Blue Peter, to ask if they would help us to promote the project to children and teachers. One of the editors had the brilliant idea of not just collecting and displaying the children’s self portraits but knitting them into a single composite image of HM The Queen – each portrait forming a pixel of the larger image.”  They projected over 20,000 self-portrait images submitted to Face Britain onto Buckingham Palace this week.

What a fabulous idea.

Newton added, “We had to get the Queen’s approval, of course, because we’re projecting on to the front of her home,” he said. “I’m delighted to say Her Majesty loved the idea and loves the imagery.”

And all of these young children are introduced to the glory of creating art.  Well done.