For weeks now My Beloved Brit has been telling me that we need to toughen up for England.  Well, the hour has arrived.  We leave the end of this week for the “Grey Country”, and the forecast is for cold and rainy weather. How English!

And we’ve planned for a week in Scotland at the beginning of the trip before returning to the south so I can witness the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, which may drive him to the edge of his sanity.  He always says he had enough of being chilled to the bone in his youth.  He never wants to be cold again and we stand a good chance of it in Scotland.  They predicted snow flurries earlier this week.

Sunny Cornish hills. Pastel by me.

Luckily our first stop is Cornwall to visit with his cousins.  A good thing.  If there is one place in England that has a chance of sun and warmth in the spring, it’s Cornwall.  And it doesn’t hurt that he gets to reconnect with family.

So until we get a bit settled and un-jetlagged, I may miss a few posts.  But then I’ll report to you from across the pond.  And hopefully the sun will shine.