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On the next unseasonably warm day in Scotland, we headed to Braemar and the Glen of Lui to take a cool walk in the forest that was highly recommended to us by a knowledgable local.  My Beloved Brit even broke out the shorts. It was well in to the 70s, unheard of, especially this time of year.

Through the forest on a warm spring day in Scotland. Photo by me

We went to see the salmon run, and although the salmon were not running that day, it was still a pretty interesting walk.

The salmon were not running. photo by me.

We saw a large herd of beautiful red deer in the distance coming down from the hills to the river’s edge again.  We could not get very close, but it was still impressive.  We had also seen several cross the road right in front of our car earlier in the morning.  Less exciting, more scary, but still very cool once the shock wore off.

In the distance, a herd of red deer coming in for a drink. Photo by me

On the drive back to Braemar for lunch,  I spotted this classic red British Telephone booth…but notice at the top the inscription…”email,text,phone”.


An old traditional telephone box has a new twist. Photo by me.

I turned to return to the car and noticed that this mother and baby were as interested in me as I was in the telephone booth.  They just stood watching as I snapped away.

Hello. Welcome to the neighborhood. Photo by me.

We bid them goodby and retreated to Bramaer for lunch. A perfect morning in Scotland.

The hotel in Bramer and our favorite lunch stop for sandwiches in the lobby before heading back to Ballater. Photo by me.