Walking through London, the images are overwhelming.  Everyone is in a tremendously festive mood and in such good spirits that it’s bound to rub off on you.

Many of the streets were decked out with flags and bunting. Photo of Oxford Street by me

The town is ready for the 60th Anniversary of the Queen’s reign.

A sweet window decorated with the Queen in mind. Photo by me.

I thought today I’d share some of the London sights on the Friday before the weekend Jubilee Celebration really begins.

As soon as I got to London, I could see there was a party going on. Photo of Bond Street by me.

Getting ready for the concert on Monday night at Buckingham Palace. Photo by me.

I wandered over to Buckingham Palace to see what was going on in preparation for the big weekend. The bands were beginning to rehearse and there was great music playing.  Have no idea who was playing it, but it didn’t matter.

Everyone was wandering about anticipating the fun to come. Photo by me

I’ll walk down a few more times before the actual night of the concert to catch the rehearsal music. The crowds are manageable now, and I have a feeling they won’t be on Monday night. Luckily my accommodations are a short ten minute walk  through Green Park.

The view the other direction from the soundstage. Photo by me

The Mall is pretty much shut down to traffic getting ready for the big event. But the guard at Clarence House directly off the wide boulevard doesn’t seem to be aware of all the commotion around him.

A guard at the gate of Clarence House, official residence of Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) and Prince Harry. Photo by me

When I strolled in to St. James’s Park next to The Mall, I saw the most extraordinary foliage sculpture of a crown right behind the stands set up for the concert…

The Topiary Crown in St. Jame's Park. Photo by me

…not to mention the most gorgeous gardens in full bloom (nothing to do with Jubilee. I just thought they were spectacular).

St James's Park near the lake. Photo by me

I left the excitement surrounding the palace, and headed over to the National Portrait Gallery to see the exhibition on the Queen.  Well worth the walk. There was a special exhibit featuring six decades of art portraying Elizabeth II.

The National Portrait Gallery at Trafalgar Square. Photo by me

As I came out and turned to walk back to my room, I noticed the Canadian Embassy, decked out in honor of the Queen.  Congratulations, your majesty. Job well done.

The Canadian Embassy honors the Queen. Photo by me.