Houghton Hall, the early 18th century hall of Great Britain’s First Prime Minister, Sir Robert Walpole, had two very distinct draws for my interest besides the main mansion.

One was the Deer Park, which I discussed in my last post.

The front lawns of Houghton Hall stretch for miles down to the deer park. Photo by me

The deer on the lawn. They certainly weren’t shy. Photo by me.

The other was the magnificent 5-acre walled garden. An area of the garden has been retained as a kitchen garden, but most has been laid out as a series of ornamental gardens in various styles.

The beginning of the walled gardens Photo by me

It was lovely, and had so many twists and turns, we weren’t sure where to begin. So we began in the middle.

Photo by me.

Down the center was a long alley with gorgeous borders. The wider north borders are planted with hot colors-reds and oranges-while the south borders are in cooler blues and whites.

At both ends are charming surprises that make you want to linger and enjoy the view

The Rustic Temple makes use of a collection of deer antlers found in the park. Photo by me.

I love when they have intimate surprises at the end of these long vistas of flowers.  It just makes you want to sit and take it all in.

At the other end of the long alley of flowers is the glasshouse. Photo by me

And in between, there are small garden rooms that strike off from the main aisle on paths behind the hedges.

Long passageways gave entry to the different garden areas. Photo by me

Each has its own personality.

A fountain that balances fire on top of the water – the Water Flame – is quite dramatic. Photo by me

One “room” featured some friendly bees in their hives. Photo by me.

Just when you thought you’d seen them all, you would discover one you had missed.

A resident in one of the garden rooms. Photo by me

Truly magnificent.

Another passageway. Photo by me

As we toured the main house you would catch glimpses of the lawn through the windows.  And as classically beautiful as the hall was with magnificent wall coverings and fabrics, I was happiest outside overlooking the park.

Houghton Hall, the home of the first prime minister, and still a politically active family. Photo by me

We even managed as we left the house to see a small white plane taking off from across the fields. Magic!


A small plane…

…takes off over the green.


and takes off in to the sky. Photos by me.