I am bound to have put on a few pounds this week taste testing my way through Bath.  It’s a tough job but somebody has to do it.

Part of my research is to find suitable restaurants for a couple of group dinners for the planned workshop, and there are so many good dining venues in Bath that My Beloved Brit’s cousins from Andover are joining me for a night to help me out. We taste-tested Hall and Woodhouse, the new hot restaurant in Bath, and it was great.

Hall and Woodhouse–a brewery re-born as a modern restaurant. Photo by me

A tiny chicken and chips. Photo by me

I tried Jamie’s Italian for my first lunch in Bath and it was quite the experience.  It is celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s chain, so I was thinking it might be run of the mill, but the building was a funky take in a historic old Georgian building, with lots of fun decor and a rustic feel to match the food.

Wild mushrooms in pasta pillows with a rocket and parmesan salad. Photo by me

The food was quite good and a very different menu. Across the courtyard they also had a small deli and gift shop.

The bar area at Jamie’s Italian. Photo by me

Jamie’s Italian floats above Bath in this renovation of old Georgian space. Photo of me

I also tried a wood burning oven pizza restaurant for dinner.  (Italian is big is this town–I guess it is the Roman influence). The atmosphere was great, the pizza ok.  But when I saw “California Grill” on the window, I thought this is not what Americans would travel overseas for.

Firehouse. Photo by me

And of course while I was in Bath, I had to try the Sally Lunn’s, home of the original Bath Bun, in one of the oldest homes in Bath.

Sally Lunn’s. Photo by me

I wasn’t expecting much, and yes, it was flooded with international tourists.  But I had the salmon and dill “bun” and a fabulous pot of green tea, and on a chilly rainy day it was just perfect to be packed in with other bun lovers.

Salmon and Dill on Sally’s bun. Photo by me

And just for My Beloved Brit back home safe from the cold rain, I saw this sausage stand out on the street the other day…and thought, I have to take a photo.

There’s nothing like an English sausage. Photo by me

The best meal of the week goes to the day trip I made with MBB’s cousins to Castle Combe and the Castle Inn. Even though it was grey all day, it was the absolute perfect English outing.  I promise a more detailed post later on about Castle Combe and the Castle Inn.

Castle Combe. Is this the perfect English Village, or what? Photo by me

The Castle Inn, where we had lunch. It was perfect. Photo by me

And for my last meal, I was back in Bath for lunch before I left for London to fly from Heathrow in the morning.

One of the hidden courtyards in Bath where you can find all kinds of secret treasures. Photo by me

This is one of the last independently locally owned restaurants left in Bath, and it was packed. Good for them. Photo by me.

Chicken and parma ham to sustain me for the train ride back to London/Heathrow. Photo by me

Back home tonight! Back to sensible eating.