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I thought you all deserved a leisurely stroll through a gorgeous autumnal setting in honor of that very American celebration, Thanksgiving. So take a break from cooking that turkey, grab a cup of tea, and come along.

Tucked off to the western edge of Bath, past The Royal Crescent , are the Botanical Gardens of Bath. And what better time to visit as the season changes from autumn to winter.

The Botanical Gardens of Bath. Photo by me

Getting there is half the joy. I headed off around Queen’s Square, through the gates to Royal Victoria Park, you came to the very edge of the historic downtown…

Queen's Square, the last bit of city before the park begins. Photo by me

Queen’s Square, the last bit of city before the park begins. Photo by me

Cutting across the park just south of the Royal Crescent. Photo by me

…and the beginning of a gorgeous expanse of greens and groves of trees.

The Botanical Gardens are in the distance, through groves of trees. Photo by me

I walked through what seemed liked pristine English countryside, and finally got to the entrance of the gardens.

Photo by me

Photo by me

Photo by me

The Botanical Gardens, set inside Royal Victoria Park, were designed in 1887 and within their 9 acres of rambling walks is an incredible collection of plants on limestone.

Across from the entrance to the gardens is “The Great Dell”. Photo by me

In classic English style the winding paths revealed quiet coves and gentle gardens each with their seemingly random nature, but actually beautifully planned.

Photo by me

It was well worth the walk.

Winter is finally approaching Bath. Photo by me

A last burst signaling the end of autumn. Photo by me

A place to rest before the walk back to city centre. Photo by me

The path back to town. Photo by me

Back to Bath Center, and lunch before my train leaves for London.