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The Victoria and Albert has been on my list for years of places that I wanted to visit.  Finally, on my last trip to London, I made it. It was worth the wait.

The Victoria and Albert Museum, down the road from Harrods in London. Photo by me

I loved the fashion wing with the different era’s beautiful clothes lovingly displayed.

The historic costume wing Photo by me

Boas and embroideries from the 20s. Photo by me

Ball gowns. Photo by me

Women who lunch Photo by me

Color. Photo by me

Modern times. Photo by me

Ending with an ethereal figure floating above the space. Photo by me

After such fashionable beauty, I tackled the museum, exploring the vast halls. It is massive.

The VA from the inner courtyard. Photo by me

The entry hall. Photo by me

The entrance to the gift shop. Photo by me

It was incredibly large, and the hallways went on forever.  Even with my map I had to stop to ask the guards directions several times. I was looking for a room filled with Constable water-color sketches. It was a maze.

Down dark hallways…Photo by me

…past huge storerooms of great treasures. Photo by me

…past the guardians. Photo by me

…no time to rest. Photo by me

…an angel trumpeted the way. Photo by me

Finally I found them in a very dim room under glass.  I couldn’t use any flash and it was hard to photograph them, but take my word…they were exquisite.

And finally I was there. Photo by me

A room filled with small Constable gems. Photo by me

My day was complete. Back out on the wet streets of London, I was totally at peace. Constable can do that for you.

The walk back home. Photo by me