William and Kate, otherwise known as The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, move in to their new quarters at Kensington Palace sometime before the end of this year.  It is the beginning of a new and more visible royal role for the couple, as they ease ever more quickly into a very public life.  They must have mixed feelings about the move, but excited especially with the new baby due in the next month.

Kensington Palace from the more public East side. Photo by me

Kensington Palace from the more public East side. Photo by me

They will soon live in Apartment 1A, formerly the home of Princess Margaret. Up to now the apartment has remained unused since Princess Margaret’s death in 2002. They currently have a small, two-bedroom apartment residence at the palace.

The entrance to the beautiful street that Kensington Palace is on, as well as many embassies. Photography is not allowed on this street once you get past these white walls. Photo by me

When I walked by Kensington Palace this past November, I noticed workers busily installing great black iron spikes along the top of this lovely garden wall.  Increased security I’m sure.  A strange world we now live in.

There was also extensive rewiring, new plumbing and the removal of asbestos. What fun to decorate all 20 rooms, including a nursery. The Duchess has had her last public royal appearance before the birth of the baby, and I am sure she will use some of that quiet time to finish furnishing her new home.

The beautiful walls around Kensington Palace, before the addition of spikes. Photo by me

I can only wish them years of happiness raising a family is this idyllic place.