I finally finished “Summer Afternoon in Central Park”, another painting in my Cities Series. The 30 x 24 canvas went through many stages before I was finally satisfied with the results.

It started with a bright undertone of pinks and lavender.

A warm glow of pink under it all.

A warm glow of rose madder pigment under it all.

I slowly built up the cathedral-like canopy of the trees.  It was important for me to show the magnificent height of the huge, old trees without losing the city dwellers below. You enter this alley of trees and feel instantly at peace.  I love this part of the park. It is in the area called “The Mall” and the trees are incredible.

Image 2

The stone pedestal and plant in the foreground anchors the scene

The park is always busy, but somehow the trees and green space make it seem calm and renewing. The trees are American Elm trees, and are unbelievably magnificent. This is one of the the largest and last remaining stands of these trees in North America.

Image 3

I wanted to fill in the tree trunks without losing the delicacy

The sunlight coming through the branches almost makes it look like stained glass.

Image 4

More green

When you walk down the wide promenade, you focus on the sky.  I wanted the painting to make you look up even though all the activity is on the path.

Image 5

Central Park benches and lampposts are unique.

I love Central Park.  From the first moment I was allowed to go in to NYC by myself or with friends my age, I found my way to the park.  And then in my 40s, I had a small studio apartment right off the park on Central Park West, an easy escape into tranquility that I took full advantage of.

I think this picture captures that peace…


Finally, the painting is finished