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One of my absolute favorite spaces at MOMA is when you come around a corner and see Barnett Newman’s “Vir Heroicus Sublimiss” (Man, Heroic and Sublime).  It does feel sublime and lifts you out of whatever daily reverie you’re in to a higher plane.  My newest painting ” Sublime” addresses this mental levitation.

Image 4In an essay I read about the painting, the artist indicated that he really wants you to view the painting up close, even though the drama from afar is quite impressive.

Image 5I liked the two women in the background, nearest to the painting.  The one on the right has stopped to look at the huge canvas and motions to her friend to stop also.

Image 7The man on the far left, away from other people, is enthralled…

Image 1And the man on the bench is in the direct path of the painting’s reflection.  The deep red of the painting runs across the wooden floor.

ImageI love the highly polished floors at the Museum of Modern Art.  They reflect the art and connect it to the viewers. I probably spend as much time getting these reflections the way I want them as I do painting the figures.

Image 3I am pleased with this grouping.  It is warm and rich and involved.  Just like a day at MOMA. Sublime.