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I have spent many mornings exploring the newly renovated East Wing of the National Gallery of Art since it re-opened last fall.  The old friend is still familiar, yet fresh and revitalized.

I almost always go alone to art museums.  It gives me the opportunity to really emerge myself in the art, and pick the little corner I want to explore that day.  But these three young women made it look like such fun to go with friends.

Tucked away to the left when you first come in the main entrance, there was a gorgeous exhibition from the museum’s French Impressionist collection.

These three women followed me through the collection, and exited to the main hall soon after I did.

Wedged between Andy Goldsworthy’s rock sculpture and the graphic detail of Madame Picasso next to the entrance (the original is inside!), the girls put their heads together and looked at their images on their phone.

I would love to think they had photographed images from the show, and were reliving the experience, but can’t know for sure.  But Madame Picasso, looking over their shoulders, probably has a pretty good idea what they’re talking about.

Whatever the conversation, I loved the camaraderie in a truly wonderful setting. “Shared Impressions”, oil on linen, 24 x 36