We love Charlestown in Cornwall on the southwest coast.  We have stayed here before when visiting My Beloved Brit’s cousins. We stay in a classic pub with rooms right near the sea, and it feels like home.

Our home away from home while in Cornwall. photo by me

We had a full day of visiting and eating with the family, and went back to the Inn late afternoon to refresh. Before they came back over for dinner that evening at the “Rash”, MBB and I decided to take a stroll down to the sea at the end of our lane.

Trying to come home to its harbor. photo by me

We noticed one of the tall ships that usually sits in the Charlestown Harbour making its way through the gap in the seawall.  It seems to be a very tight fit, so of course we, along with many other spectators, decide to watch the maneuver.

Squeezing through. photo by me

Stuck? photo by me

They seem to be having some problems turning it in the tight space. And it is windy which makes things more difficult.

The crowds on shore discuss the situation. photo by me

Even the pigeons came down to look things over. photo by me


From a different perspective you can see just how tight a squeeze it is. photo by me

And then, to the dismay of the crew on board, the ship hits the wall and a huge rope falls in to the water and gets caught in the propeller. A diver is called in to remedy the situation in the freezing waters.

A diver is sent in to untangle the rope. photo by me.

They need to get it in to the safe harbor before the tides flood out...

...and leave it high and dry. This is what it looks like when the tide goes out. photo by me

Free at last...

They finally get the rope off the propeller, and guide it safely through the lock and in to the slip.  Then they can flood that chamber and it is at rest, safe and secure. They said before modern power was added to propel it, this was all done by hand pulling from the shore. I can’t imagine.

...and safely home for the night. photo by me

Such excitement!  I asked one of the observers why they had taken the boat out.  It turned out they had to take it up the coast to update their license and get their safety inspection.  Ironic.

We all walked back up the hill to our Inn to get ready for a carvery Sunday roast dinner. In the room, I looked out the window towards the sea to make sure all was calm before going down to the pub for dinner.  Looking down to the beer garden, i saw two pirates sitting down for their afternoon tea with friends.

Just another day in Charlestown.

Even pirates need a tea break in the afternoon. Photo by me.