On our way to Scotland, we stopped at a motorway hotel in the countryside near the Lake District.  After a full day of driving it was a relief to get to our destination for the night, but it was a bit of a chain hotel.

The Westmorland on the motorway. Photo by me.

After looking over the high priced menu we decided to venture into the nearby village for dinner at the local pub.  I agreed to forfit my glass of wine with my meal, and drive us back along the narrow roads.

These narrow country lanes put you in fear of oncoming traffic. photo by me

It was well worth it.  We found a great pub, and enjoyed dinner with the locals. And I managed to get us back safe and sound quite easily.

The perfect spot for dinner. Photo by me.

I was quite proud of myself and we immediately retreated to the hotel bar for a glass of wine. I’m not sure I will ever get totally used to driving in this country.

Meanwhile, many areas in the country have difficulty with internet connection in the small inns.  If I miss posting for awhile, you’ll know we are enjoying the peace and quiet of a country inn.