We managed to make it in to Scotland with little trouble, and soon were on the narrow, curvy roads that take you through the Cairngorm Mountains on our way to Ballater in the Deeside. We passed the Glenshee ski area with its bald, rolling mountains, and Mike got a bit nervous as we went through a pass and saw some snow in the distance on a high peak.

Snow in Scotland. photo by me

But not to worry.  We are having some of the warmest weather ever in Scotland, and certainly for this time of year. Lucky us.

As we rounded a curve we came into a gorgeous valley with the Clunie Water running along side us.  Mike noticed what he thought might be sheep below near the water’s edge, but as we approached we realized they were the local Scottish Red Deer, and they were gorgeous.  Two majestic beauties, one with spiked antlers.

Red Deer came down from the hills. photo by me

We pulled over and watched them move along the edge of the water, just thrilled to see them in their natural element.

When we were chatting with the woman serving us coffee the next morning, she mentioned that this was odd to see them midday. Usually they come down to the water at dusk, but she suspected the warm weather might be bringing them down earlier in the day for a cool drink.

It was the perfect introduction to Scotland.