I love that very British saying ”at the end of the day”. It means  “when all is said and done” in American, and people use it often here to say that when everything is finished, the important thing is this. Appropriate as our trip draws to an end and we reflect on how wonderful everything was.

Young sailors out on the River Crouch. Photo by me

Late yesterday evening we watched a group of young sailors race on the Crouch River outside My Beloved Brit’s yacht club.  The wind was picking up, the light on the river spectacular, and the children having an absolute laugh.

The river has never looked more beautiful. Photo by me

The race for the older sailors this morning has been postponed 24 hours because of high winds expected this afternoon, probably 40-50 mph.  Disappointing for our last weekend in England, but they will try again tomorrow, and, at the end of the day, the safety of the competitors is the most important thing.

Putting the boats away for the night. Photo by me

I understand why MBB loves coming home.