It has been an incredible 4 weeks in the UK, but I suppose it does have to come to an end sometime.  As miserable as the weather could be at times, as they say here, wait 5 minutes and it will change.

Burnham on a misty morning. Photo by me.

It is time to say goodbye, and what better way than to go out racing with your mates. I am perfectly happy waiting on shore.

It is 7am in the morning, and MBB is with his crew getting the boat ready to start the race. Photo by me.

I can’t remember a better trip.  It was a combination of old favorite places and friends, and new discoveries and fresh faces.


MBB with his sailing mates, walking along the sea wall. Photo by me

I have stories to tell for months, so I get to relive my time with all my British memories.  Brilliant, as they say.

It will all be here when we return. This part of England changes very slowly. Photo by me.