There was a great excitement at the Chelsea Flower Show in London this past May about the use of topiary in landscaping. A classic element of gardening had made a stunning reappearance at the show, and it made me aware how much the feature is used in British gardens.

As we drove around we did notice the most amazing shrubbery…

A long shaped hedge at Penshurst Place. Photo By me.

…clipped and trained in the most wonderful, fanciful shapes.

Outside a castle in Scotland. Photo by me

I can’t image the amount of time and care that goes in to creating and keeping these lovely sculptures alive and in trim.

Topiary in Scotland. Photo by me.

But the effort is greatly appreciated…even the most simple.

Simple topiary at Sandringham at the gates to the old stables. Photo by me

I have started looking for them, and comparing their beautiful shapes. It’s great to know they can survive even in these modern times when something that might take years to accomplish seems less popular. With topiary, patience is definitely a virtue

A whimsical bush in Broadway, The Cotswolds. Photo by me

I love the artistic, sculptural quality of them.

I love how this mimics the stone. Photo by me

And the surprise of seeing these fabulous shapes when you least expect them. The English love their gardens and are willing to spend hours on achieving great beauty. And we love discovering them.

Clipped foliage borders the lawn at Houghton Hall. Photo by me.