We try to come to England every few years, and when we do we love to discover new hidden gems that we haven’t seen before.  But there are still old favorites that warrant a revisit. I love going back again and again.

Broadway in the Cotswolds, a couple of hours outside of London. Photo by me

One of these special places is Broadway in the Cotswolds.

I think this was the first village I ever visited on my own outside of London many years ago, and I have been a couple of times since with My Beloved Brit.  But the weather was so perfect this past spring when we were in the area that we decided it was time to revisit.  It did not disappoint.

The yellow stone is so distinctive to this area, and the entire high street is lined with them. photo by me

We were lucky enough to get a room for a night at our favorite hotel, The Broadway, an old half-timbered stone property from the 16th century that has retained its historic style.

The half-timbered Broadway Hotel. The perfect country retreat. photo by me.

And for this visit, we saw that they had done a complete refurbishment that was stunning.  They managed to bring a contemporary design twist to the interior without losing the sense of tradition in the hotel at the center of the town green.

The pub in the hotel picks up the country theme with modern design twists. photo by me

We loved it, and decided to stick around and dine in the pub after a walk through town to renew our old acquaintance.

The High Street in Broadway from the green. photo by me.

A very special place.  I am sure we’ll return.