We went to St. Andrews for a sunny afternoon visit on our way out of Scotland last summer and it truly is a lovely university town.  It was jam-packed with students on a warm day (by Scottish standards), and we wandered up and down the streets looking for a spot for lunch.

The students were all out enjoying the sunshine. Photo by me.

I couldn’t help but think of the well-publicised relationship between Catherine, a “commoner” and William, the future King of Great Britain, starting in this very typical collegiate environment.  It seemed the natural place for it all to have begun. Seeing shots of their Asian Diamond Jubilee Tour this past week (they’re on their way home now), it’s hard to believe it all started as a college romance.

St. Andrews in Scotland — home to past and future kings. Photo by me

As My Beloved Brit and I turned a corner looking for a spot to have a sandwich, I noticed the sign in a window across the street, “Where Kate Met Wills…for coffee”, and thought the ghosts of romance past will linger on in this town for decades. I’m sure they look with fond memories at the town that allowed them some level of privacy as they got to know each other.

The coffee shop in St. Andrews where Kate and Wills hung out…so they say. Photo by me.