One of the joys of travelling in Great Britain is the unique individuality of accommodations.  And with this comes those narrow steep stairs that seem to be standard in the more historic Inns. I know I have moaned before about the lack of elevators, and the necessity of dragging luggage up narrow staircases.

A narrow, steep staircase in Broadway in the Cotswolds. No elevators at all! Photo by me.

But as much as I grow weary of them, I must admit after a short time traveling in cookie cutter hotels with large modern elevators in the U.S., I almost miss the charm of those staircases.

This staircase might make you cry if it wasn’t so beautiful…the club where I stayed in London. Photo by me

The staircases take on a personality all their own, and as much as I dread them, it wouldn’t be an England without that challenge.

Even outside the yacht club in Burnham-on-Crouch in England, the steps can be treacherous but lovely. Photo by me