When we travel through England, I find My Beloved Brit approaches a house tour with much more enthusiasm if there is a display of cars involved.  One of the best I found was Sandringham, the Royal Family’s Norfolk estate.  The old stables have been converted to a museum, and cars were a major feature of the displays.

The road from the main house to the museum at Sandringham was a lovely walk, even in the rain. Photo by me.

We walked across the park and arrived at the gates to the courtyard…

The entrance to the museum at Sandringham. Photo by me

…of what was formerly the stable block and coach house for the estate.  Inside was the museum with lots of photos and story boards showing the history of Sandringham, and whole rooms full of memorabilia and gifts given to the Royal Family through the years.

An arrangement showing bits from the stables earlier days. Photo by me

Every time we went in to another room, there was something interesting to see.  But when we turned the corner into the beginning of the car exhibitions, MBBs eyes lit up.

MBB thought it was a bit embarrassing to see something in a museum that he remembered from his childhood, but he was still delighted to see it. Photo by me

The first thing he saw was a tiny car, which was very similar to one he had as a boy.

Photo by me

There were several of them in the room, and people were thrilled to see them.

Further on, the cars got grander.

photo by me

I loved that you could look in to the interiors, and just imagine what it was like for the Queen.

Photo by me.

There was a variety of cars used for the Royal Family and the staff.

Another beauty. Photo by me

A country car the staff used to bring the luggage from the train station.

Photo by me

And cars for all occasions.

Photo by me

For once, my Beloved Brit was speechless

Photo by me