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On our last day in England this past spring before we headed for Heathrow Airport, we met My Beloved Brit’s friends at, what else, a classic British Pub.  Some of his oldest friends had gathered from Australia and England, and of course America, and met around a table for fish’n’chips, a pint and talk and laughter.  It reminded him, I think, that as much as he loved America, he missed his old mates.

A special pub for a reunion lunch. Photo by me

We had arrived in the village of Heybridge Basin a bit early and decided to take a walk around.  From the moment we strolled up the bank from the parking area, I knew we were someplace special.

There are many boats moored on the small canal that empties in to the basin. Construction of the canal commenced in 1793 to facilitate unloading inside the sea locks. Photo by me.

We walked down to the River Blackwater.  There was lots to see.

The boats on Blackwater. Photo by me

We headed out along the seawall as clouds gathered.

We walked out along the seawall. You can see the lock on the left hand side which opens onto the canal. Photo by me.

Sailing barges going up the Blackwater Estuary as they have for centuries, where the Blackwater and Chelmer Rivers come together at the basin. MBB tells me the topsail was used to maneuver the boats at low tides to catch the wind above the river banks. Photo by me

It was just perfect to watch the boats coming and going as we walked up the seawall.

The clouds build as we work our way down the seawall. Photo by me.

We hurriedly worked back along the river to meet up for lunch at the pub before the rain clouds came overhead.

Time to head inside for a nice lunch. Photo by me.

Nothing like lunch in a nice cozy pub when the rain clouds gather.

I am back in the UK next week to research locations for a destination’s workshop I want to offer in the autumn of 2013. It is tentatively titled “A Creative Journey: How to find Inspiration in Travel”.  I am looking at Bath, one of my favorite cities and a huge art center in the UK, for the venue.  Will keep you posted as it evolves.