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I visited two famous retail locations in London today, and it was a study in contrasts.

First was Harrods, all decked out for the Christmas season.

Harrods on a busy Saturday — the Christmas season has begun in London. Photo by me.

The windows were lovely  — the theme was Disney Princesses.  Here are just a few.

Snow White is quite the stunner. Photo by me

The small female viewers were especially over the moon with the display, and I didn’t mind it either.  It did remind me of going to see the fabulous windows at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue every Christmas in New York with my sister.

Harrods window displays were full of Disney color. Photo by me

Cinderella post pumpkin. Photo by me

Pocahontas. Photo by me

Aladdin’s flying princess. Photo by me

My personal favorite window, Sleeping Beauty. Look at the small fairy in the lower right side. Photo by me

And then there is inside Harrods.  The food court is still the major attraction, but there is lots to see throughout the store.

Sweets and chocolates, just past the caviar bar at Harrods’ Food Court. Photo by me

And this photo is especially for My Beloved Brit, who still misses the butchers of his youth and good British meat.

The butchers are busy at Harrods. Photo by me

And then in the afternoon there was the Portobello Market in Notting Hill.  If you’ve ever seen the Hugh Grant movie, you’re familiar with the London neighborhood, but I wasn’t expecting quite the massive crowds I saw.

The Portobello Road market website’s directions say to go to Notting Hill Gate Underground stop, and follow the crowds. they weren’t exaggerating. Photo by me

The crowds were massive, even though the weather was dreary. It’s England. Weather doesn’t matter. Photo by me

Lots of colorful stalls. Photo by me

Some of the shop windows were pretty interesting, also. Photo by me

A beautiful stall of not inexpensive leather items. Photo by me

A bit of fruit? It went on for blocks. Photo by me

The whole day was rather like falling down a rabbit hole–curiouser and curiouser. I love London.  Every day is an adventure.

Alice’s has lots of teacups for sale, just in case you have a mad hatter at home. Photo by me.

Perhaps I should have picked up some tea at Harrods for a tea party.

Enough tea for a party. Photo by me