I was out walking in the rain yesterday, and managed to have a wonderful time, even with the inclement weather.  My Beloved Brit’s favorite old saying goes something like “…if you didn’t do anything in England because it was raining, you’d never do anything”.

The Pulteney Bridge is the only historic bridge, apart from the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, to have shops built in to it, according to the guidebook in my room. Photo by me.

I am busy researching this location for a possible destination workshop for artists next fall, and I must say, this area is so rich in character, museums and spectacular visuals that it seems perfect.

By the side of the River Avon. Photo by me

The weather just adds the atmosphere. The Holburne Museum was my first stop.  Most of the paintings are very traditional 17th and 18th century portraits (there are many beautiful Gainsborough’s) and the mansion is intimate but regal.

The Holburne Museum. Photo by me

One room features a surprisingly fanciful sculptural installation by Bouke de Vries with a base of pottery shards.  It was so very interesting and I was delighted that they would include such an imaginative, modern piece in this classic museum.

Bouke De Vries, War & Pieces, ceramic, At the Holburne, Photo by me.


A detail. Photo by me

I am back out researching for the next few days.  I’ll keep you posted.