Right down from the Abbey, and across from the Pulteney Bridge…

The Pulteney Bridge in Bath, over the River Avon. Photo by me

…is the imposing Victoria Art Gallery.

The Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. Photo by me

It is a modest museum inside, but lovely, and always seems to have things posted everywhere about some art activity that is coming up in the very near future. It seems to be totally accepted that the community will be very much involved.

The Victoria. Photo by me

I love how in Bath everyone seems to be somehow engaged in art.  Whether a museum or gallery or on the streets.

The Pulteney Bridge in Bath. Photo by me.

It just seems to be important to the entire community.  Was this the early Roman influence and the magnificent architecture?

The Roman Baths in Bath. Photo by me.

If you live with such man-made beauty every day, do you just want more?

A Bath resident engaged in his art. Photo by me.

I know I did.