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At the end of the summer, I started a new series of paintings called “Cities”  It has been sleeping in my artistic sub conscience for a few years now, ever since I did “Metropolitan Spring” in 2009.

Metropolitan Spring, oil painting by me 2009

It resurfaced in 2011 with two small paintings…

Gallery View, oil painting by me 2011

… “Gallery View” and “The Taxi”, both the result of a visit to my sister’s in NYC and a wintry afternoon visit to MOMA.

Taxi, oil painting by me

As you may have guessed, I spend as much time as I can in cities and especially art museums. Although at the moment I live in a more rural community,  I am drawn to the urban environment and the museums, street scenes, parks and buildings that make them so vibrant.

Times Square, summer 2012, photo by me

After visits to Paris, London, and New York City all in the span of the past 12 months, I decided it was time to explore my three favorite cities that I return to again and again.

The lunch cafe at Tate Modern, London, photo by me

What makes them all so energized, what makes each unique and who are these urban dwellers that I feel so attached to?

The Louvre, photo by me

In the mountains of North Carolina this summer, I started sketching my first canvas. “A Game of Boules, The Tuilleries in Paris” came from a whole series of photos I took while crossing the famous park last spring.

Tuilleries evening-Paris

I sketched this painting months ago when I was up in the mountains but couldn’t quite decide where to go with it. That sometimes happens.

Over the past few months, it all made sense.

It’s only the beginning of the cities series.  I am in the studio every day now working away.  I am always at my best when I am deep in to a new series of paintings.  The energy is great fun.  Almost like being back in the cities that inspired these paintings.