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‘Tis the season to be overwhelmed with art. December is Art Basel time in Miami. It certainly has become one of the largest art fairs in the world…and that’s good and bad.

On entering the tent, the room stared back at us. Photo by me

I always have mixed feelings about this massive art fair that has spread from Miami Beach web-like to art fairs all through the Miami Midtown/Wynwood Design District area.

A view from above…a happy perspective for me. Photo by me.

Actually the word on the streets this year is that the major focus has shifted from South Beach to Wynwood and midtown, the up and coming design and art district.

Art Miami in the Midtown near the Wynwood Design District. Photo by me.

I love seeing the new art all smashed in to one small area.

Big girl little girl. Photo by me.

It’s the only way I know to see such a broad slice of what artists are currently doing outside the magazine pages of the popular arts magazines. And art is always better up close and personal.

Art Miami. Photo by me

Miami is within driving distance for us. We love Miami’s energy even in the off times, so it doesn’t take much incentive for us to jump in the car and travel down I-95 to the Beach.

Into the wilderness. Photo by me


Bunny wedding. Photo by me.


The gentler side of nature. Photo by me.

Much of the massive art fair can seem so hyped and frantic.  So this year I decided to select a few of the relatively smaller venues and just try to let it wash over me gently.

Viewers young and old. And the art looks back. Photo by me.

It helped that I had my good friend from Virginia with me. When we walked into the Art Miami tent, husbands in tow, it’s all there.  And it is magic.  Just like Willy Wonka for art fanatics.

One of my best friends from college days joined me in Miami. Our beloveds followed close behind us. Photo by me.

The crowds swarmed through the streets, taxis honking, palm trees swaying.  And the warm tropical sun made My Beloved Brit a truly happy man.  He still seemed happy even inside the art tent and managed not to complain once.

Imagery. Photo by me.

There is so much art, it is difficult to see everything and keep it all in perspective. But it is thrilling.

Reflections in art. Photo by me.

The variety this year was interesting. But what I noticed after winding through the maze of gallery exhibitions was how much of it revolved around personal, human images.

Alex Katz, one of my favorite artists. Photo by me.

No matter which way we turned, the eyes seemed to follow you.  And the interpretation of the human face was as varied as the materials.

This was done as embroidery, and the artist showed the “back side” of the work. Fascinating. Photo by me.

Heads Up! Photo by me.

Some was calming, but much was frantic.  Is this the current human condition of uncertainty?

Wild art. Photo by me.

I’ll have to think about that.