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Early one morning this summer in southeast England, when the sailors had gone out to race during Ramsgate week…

IMG_8659I decided to take my sketchbook and head up the Viking Coastal Trail which hugs the English Coast.  France is only 30 miles away across the sea, but the coastline here is pure English…chalk cliffs, seagulls and beautiful horizons.


Appropriately, the walk begins in Ramsgate above a popular fish and chips shop near the beach.


I headed up the cliff to get on the upper walkway along the coast.  I was heading to Broadstairs, sketchbook and camera in hand.


I was well above the marina and the seawall of Ramsgate.

IMG_8767I headed north.  It was overcast but lovely…maybe 65 degrees with a soft breeze. I headed along some of the Victorian era crescents to my left…

IMG_8769 the sea and vistas back towards Ramsgate behind me…

IMG_8771and the sea and the beaches to my right.

IMG_8774As I walked out of Ramsgate proper, it became all about the sea.


IMG_8781The path finally cut a bit away from the sea, into a wooded park, with a small food stop and dogs everywhere playing with balls and kids and each other.


As the park ended, the path went through mounds of berry bushes…

IMG_8782and finally ended up here…on the Boradstairs side of the park.

IMG_8784The sea reappeared in all its glory.

IMG_8791And after a long sit on a strategically placed bench, I decided to head back towards Ramsgate.

IMG_8787This time when I came to the other end of the park, I decided to take the lower beach walk. I took a long time getting down these steps taking in the views.


I headed home along the beach, watching the sea and the people and the birds.


Back to town and the sailors…