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With two more months to go until our new home would be ready, we moved in to a small condo at Ocean City, Maryland this past winter.  It was isolated and quiet in the months of December and January. I spent many mornings walking along the beach or just sitting in front of the fireplace staring out at the bay from a cozy warm living room.

And then one morning, there was a forecast of a strong storm building.  Within the hour, I could see it coming from our western bay facing window and decided ocean side was the place to be. Tides were high. Clouds were rolling in. Drama!

I walked that beach until the wind got too fierce to hold my camera upright. I took as many photographs as I could in that short window of opportunity.

When I got back inside, and looked at what I had, I couldn’t believe my luck.  The clouds were rolling.  The surf was blowing. And the water and wet sand made a mirror image of the dramatic sky.

Finally, we moved in to our new home and my studio! I could begin on “Water’s Edge”. It was a huge challenge to paint, especially the movement and reflections, but with patience and concentration, thin layer of paint over thin layer of paint, I managed to capture the feel of the ocean completely taking over the beach. Sometimes you just get lucky.

Water’s Edge, 40 x 30″, oil on canvas.