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After we left St. David’s on the southwest coast of Wales, we headed up to the north coast.


I wanted to see Anglesey, and we were going to stay at Llandudno, a Victorian Beach Resort town on Colwyn Bay. It was a 4 1/2 hour drive.  It was not boring.


My Beloved Brit volunteered to drive the narrow winding roads along the coast…


through the small villages and towns…


that made their home by the sea.


This is Wales as I imagined it.  We wound around the coast on the western most edge of the UK.


And then on up in to the Snowdonia National Park.



Mountains and the sea. As we left the coast behind, the roads seemed to get darker and windier.


It was one of the times on this trip when I really felt like we were on holiday.

IMG_9849As we headed in to town at Llandudno,  I was rather sorry to leave the coast and mountains of Wales.

IMG_9851The next morning we headed over to the island of Anglesey.  It proved another lovely drive.


We drove out to Holyhead where the ferries leave for Ireland.  It started raining…again… and as we saw a rescue helicopter overhead, I wondered if it was Prince William whose RAF base was nearby. f course in the news this week, it was announced that it was his last week at this job.  Perhaps this was his last flight.



As we crossed the bridge back to mainland Wales, it was time to head east to England.


We must have seen a half-dozen rainbows driving out of Wales.  Quite amazing. IMG_9879

Wales does have its own personality.  Rugged, and artsy and beautiful.