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Llandudno in Wales is a classic British Victorian/Edwardian seaside resort with the pier, the beach and a stellar crescent of old hotels.


We stayed at the St. George, located right across the street from the promenade.  The gulls could be heard from dawn until dusk.


Although it was rainy and grey, people were still packed in to the resort, hoping to catch a bit of sun before autumn took its final hold on the season.


It was quite impressive, even in the misty rain. We had driven for hours through Snowdonia and the mountains to reach it on the northwest coast of Wales.

IMG_9864Llandudno is tucked into the cliffs and mountains, and does capture the rain coming east from Ireland.


The west side of the resort, Great Orme,


and to the east. Llandudno is wedged between two cliffs on a crescent of beach on Colwyn Bay.

IMG_9866The pier has seen better days, but children still flock there to get some sweets or try to win a prize at one of the games.

IMG_9857It wasn’t very active today, probably due to the weather. But the town was busy, the hotels full, and people were seen trying to find a place to sit and have a cup of tea or some fish ‘n’ chips.  A typical British day at the beach.


It was my choice to visit Wales this trip.  I had never been, and it was lovely and different.  But I still prefer England, I think.